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solar attic fan noise Sep 07, 2021 · This attic fan also features a 28-watt solar panel and starts working even at dawn and continues until sunset to ensure maximum solar charge. 3. Solar Powered Attic Fan The Solaro Aire™ is the world’s most advanced, fully integrated, high-efficiency Solar Powered Attic fan. The temperature in the attic space often exceeds the living areas by more than 15°C [27°F], and the 'basement' by more than 20°C [36°F]. The Solaro Aire™ extracts the heat from your attic, keeping the temperature and your AC Apr 28, 2020 · Solar attic fans are one of the areas where it makes sense. Not only do they use the best materials This item: Solar Attic Fan, 60W Solar Panel and New Upgraded 14" Fan Kit, Solar Powered Fan for Chicken Coop, Greenhouse, Shed, Attic Gable- DELIVERY IN 2 PACKAGES $189. . Natural Light 48 Watts. Best of all, Solar Star brings you the solutions that cost nothing to operate. Solar Star, the leader in solar-powered attic ventilation, brings you the most technologically-advanced, environmentally Jul 07, 2015 · Solar attic fans are non-disruptive. Solar Powered Attic Ventilation System. Sep 16, 2020 · Ceases to operate as a solar attic fan once AC input is plugged. This is a classic squirrel in the attic noise. Apr 17, 2020 · Solar attic fans often come with an aluminum fan blade which can be adjusted for optimum pitch and performance. These can be setup to do cross ventilation. This product is made from high-quality material and it has pretty tight fans which make it durable and run smoothly. It can be installed easily on pitched fibreglass asphalt shingle roofs. 5" x 16" mounting with a 10 Watt thin-film PV module. Mounting Hardware: Sure a fan in the attic might not use a great deal of energy compared to the air conditioning unit, but every small thing adds up. IntelliBreeze solar attic fans remove heat buildup that directly impacts your homes energy costs. 1. At the third of the price most models come at, you can have the Amtrak, which comes with a 50-watt panel and operates daily from the moment sunlight reaches it. The Solaro Aire™ extracts the heat from your attic, keeping the temperature and your AC bills down! Apr 18, 2021 · Solar attic fans are solar-powered ventilation fans that regulate the heat level of the building’s attic by removing hot, humid air and replacing it with cool air from outside the house. The Solar-Powered Attic Fan That Keeps You Cool. The SR1800 was developed “…because of the lack of aesthetics, technological features and value proposition previously available in the marketplace. We sell some cables - mainly for such things as shunt signal wires - that are shielded twisted pairs. The Solatube® Whole House Fan will remain quiet while it’s in operation. Jun 28, 2021 · Since solar products require no noisy fuel-fed generators or motors in order to function efficiently and effectively, these solar attic fans are quiet. Just like our previous solar attic fan, the iLiving Smart Exhaust Fan is IP68 waterproof, and it boasts a brushless motor. Detach attic fan from the electricity source. Plus, this fan typically lives up to its advertising as a simple “one hour install,” which means just about anybody’s going to be able to do it, even the less handy folks in the crowd. Homeowners won’t have to worry about extra noise issues. Fits in the gable or attic of your home, greenhouse, garage or RV. Solar Star becomes even more effective with its add-ons. A simple Thermal Switch is available for an additional fee. The Solar Controller allows you to power your solar attic fan with free, abundant solar power when you need it most while also giving you the option to run your fan after sunset using only a small amount of house electricity—all without the noise and operating expense of an outdated traditional electric attic fan. The VentSure™ Solar Attic Exhaust Fan also offers: Advanced technology, intelligent design. Moreover, solar attic fans work even on cloudy days. Fan Blade • 300mm Reinforced Polymer (which reduces noise) • Dynamically balanced impeller (no need to adjust fan blades after installation) • Aerodynamically optimized blade profile and winglets to improve airflow • Operates whisper quiet throughout the day. – Versatile color selection available (black, brown, or gray finish) – Conserves power by limiting HVAC system use. ” said Roy Feb 17, 2016 · Our solar attic fans use a five-wing aluminum fan blade adjusted to optimum pitch performance. Generally speaking, solar panels themselves won’t make noise, but there are a range of other reasons you may hear something from your neighbours’ new solar array: Inverter fans. 26% Tax Credit available! Ease of installation is of course the great benefit of the Solar Dynamics Turbine Mount Attic Fan Solar Powered Attic product, utilizing an existing penetration into the home without disrupting the existing seal. The brushless motor and lightweight, non-corrosive fan blades work in concert to keep the operating noise level down to a whisper. Amtrak 50-watt Powerful Solar Attic Fan. The fan is capable of moving 1,628 CFM of air in your attic, which provides coverage for a roughly 2,625-sqaure-foot attic space. The Solaro Aire™ is the world’s most advanced, fully integrated, high efficiency Solar Powered Attic fan. We Install Solar Attic Fans in Maryland. It features a simple design and comes in a jet-black colour. While electric attic fans cost around $100-$600, solar ones cost between $260 and $700. During the hot summer months, your attic can reach temperatures of up to 160°F, making your home warm & uncomfortable. It is environmentally friendly and costs nothing to operate. If your solar attic fan is making a loud noise, this may be a warranty issue. Sep 08, 2021 · The Remington 30W solar roof fan is engineered to effectively control moisture, lower temperatures, and ventilate your attic. In real world terms, this is less noise than you would hear in a quiet library. Because a Solar Dynamic Attic Fans Solar PAV turns on at dawn, it goes to work immediately, first to eliminate the moisture that has built up from the cool overnight air, and second, to prevent heat Fan Blade: Specially designed 5-blade, 12" aluminum fan is pitched for maximum air flow. 2x50-Watt Solar Panels with 2 Fans. It comes with a solar panel on the This item: Solar Attic Fan, 60W Solar Panel and New Upgraded 14" Fan Kit, Solar Powered Fan for Chicken Coop, Greenhouse, Shed, Attic Gable- DELIVERY IN 2 PACKAGES $189. Consult our technician about the optimal position for your solar fan on the roof and it will recirculate air in your attic, making your home easier to cool. Here's a quick video of the fan and noise: https://youtu. This means that even if your attic is used as a bedroom, whoever’s sleeping in there can sleep peacefully, without being rudely awoken by the fan. 4. Solar attic fans are able to address the issues about regular attic fans mentioned above. Likely culprits are rats, mice, Grey Squirrels, and Flying Squirrels. #5 No Electrician Needed. Came back and the fan is running just fine at what Feb 12, 2021 · Best solar attic fan for the money: Amtrak Solar Fan. Grinding noises are made as rodents chew woodwork. The roof on our new home is made from corrugated iron on top of a wood lining. During the hot summer months, your attic can reach temperatures of up to 160°F, making your home warm and uncomfortable. Solar attic fans are cheaper in almost all areas of dealing with the heat in an attic room. Jul 09, 2021 · The Quiet Cool’s 40W solar attic fan is right there with the best when it comes to superb build quality and smart features. Exhausting heat buildup in the attic space reduces the load on your HVAC system which extends the life of both your A/C system and roof. A solar unit offers additional benefits not possible with a powered product. Solar attic fans are almost silent compared to the noise of powered ones. Jul 31, 2014 · To circulate air, Attic Breeze solar attic fans use specially designed aluminum fan blades that move as much air as possible at minimum noise levels. You wrote a while ago about solar-powered Electrical interference is a problem that might be encountered with solar power system electronics. be/I . The Solaro Aire™ extracts the heat from your attic, keeping the temperature and your AC bills down! A great replacement for the old noisy turbine vents. Apr 05, 2020 · Remington Solar Attic Fan, Solar 30 Watt Solar-Powered Well, quiet attic fans are great for keeping your house cool without causing any noise, wouldn’t it be better if they run totally free of cost?? The Remington Solar attic fan runs completely on the power of the sun all day and puts no strain on your HVAC system or electricity bills. Natural Light Solar Attic Fan. It operates whisper quiet with no harmonic noise. Feb 23, 2020 · Solar Blaster's solar-powered roof and attic ventilation fans feature a 3-watt solar panel (25-year rated) on top of a square-shaped high-quality leak-proof housing. Natural Light 36W Solar Attic Fan is one of our best solar attic fans. The hardware is included for installation, no wiring is required. Tilt Solar Fan Advanced High Efficiency Solar Attic Ventilation Systems Northwest Eco Tech’s latest solar attic ventilation system is the Tilt Panel Solar Fan. which can potentially cause leaks. Solar attic fans take up very little space, and they don’t make any noise. Tilt Series. Here is a list of the quietest attic fans. Solar Star Solar-Powered Ventilation Systems. It also comes with a smart thermostat that will ensure great cooling all day long. Our customers who had an electric fan in their attics and left it thereafter we installed the SRS solar-powered fan, tell us the electric fans hardly ever come on…the solar fan does all the work. Grinding noises are likely to be made by some type of rodent. There's also the 50k-hour rated fan with two-ball bearing and 1/8-inch mesh screen to keep insects and pests away from the vents. Attic Fans. Oct 29, 2020 · This solar attic fan has the square footage of 1960CFM which won’t make any loud noise and is capable of preventing your home from moisture. The design is so simple that it doesn’t even mess with the beauty of your home décor. There is no need to hire an electrician to wire a solar attic fan into your home since a solar attic fan’s power comes from the sun. Each of our installed Solar Attic Vents offers the following benefits: – High quality and low maintenance industrial grade solar panels. For one, an attic fan installed on the roof has access to direct sunlight and it can have its own solar panel. It was running at a very low rpm. It does not work in all cases, but is so simple , cheap and usually easy to do, so that is often the first method to try. Solar-powered fans are also safer to use than electric. 98 Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Following are some of the best solar attic fans available in the market for those of you looking to add sustainable and cost-effective solutions to your homes. 26% Tax Credit & 0% Financing Available. Solar Panel • Aesthetically pleasing appearance Attic Solar Fans is one of the options that you can choose for attic ventilation. This item: Solar Attic Fan, 60W Solar Panel and New Upgraded 14" Fan Kit, Solar Powered Fan for Chicken Coop, Greenhouse, Shed, Attic Gable- DELIVERY IN 2 PACKAGES $189. This product offers the highest wattage. Any digital electronic equipment produces at least some noise and nearly all equipment now used in PV systems is digital. One such option is a thermal switch that automatically activates the fan once the attic temperature reaches a certain threshold. Solar-powered attic ventilation reduces attic heat and moisture. Remington Solar 40-Watt 1600 CFM Galvanized Black Steel Roof Mount Solar Attic Fan with Humidistat-Thermostat. Sep 18, 2018 · This is a solar panel supplying free electricity to the attic fan under the silver dome on the rear roof. Solar attic fans are quiet compared with the loud buzzing sound from most air conditioners. Sep 03, 2015 · I recently installed a solar attic fan. They may be chewing to improve passageways or just for fun. The Controller Attic fans are powered differently; for instance, some use electricity, others are solar-powered(an excellent choice to keep your bill on tracks), and the whole house fan. Professionals only take about 30 minutes to install the solar attic fan. While replacing a belt can cost the same (around $110 to $125) to replace in both electric and solar fans, other replacement parts can be fairly expensive. – Reduces heat in up to 2,300 square feet of attic space. Durabuild only offers a 20-watt solar attic fan, and their warranty doesn’t come close to our top two picks. May 23, 2020 · 5 Best Solar Attic Fans. Feb 14, 2019 · Grinding Noise in the Attic. In the overview video, you will notice a 20 watt polycrystalline solar panel—one of the most powerful solar panels on the market—with high transparency, low iron, tempered glass. Includes 15 of extra wire and brackets. I went into the attic (almost passed out) and tried to see if there were any lube points. As the leader in solar-powered attic ventilation systems, Solar Star offers technologically advanced and eco-friendly solutions that deliver comfort and peace of mind. Acquisition Cost. Putting the above together called for a project - a solar-powered attic-to-basement fan system! General Approach Solar Star RM 1500 Attic Fan. Jul 18, 2021 · Users rave about this solar attic fan from Natural Light, which boasts a large solar panel and a significant amount of air flow. Natural Light 36-Watt Solar Attic Fan. from your attic. Making conventional manual attic fans obsolete, GAF introduced the Master Flow ventilation line, featuring solar and dual powered attic fans, including a 500 CFM solar fan that reduces energy and technicians’ cost in one fell swoop. May 25, 2021 · Best Solar Attic Fans. The brushless motor drives the solar attic fan and produces 24-38v. Solar attic fans can even work on extremely cloudy days. The solar fans come on in the morning when the sun hits the solar panel and begins to draw cool air through the attic. Using a proprietary five wing aluminum fan blade adjusted for optimum airflow performance, our solar attic fans will produce <1 sonne (<30 decibels) of noise during operation. Jul 16, 2012 · Solar Royal is a manufacturer, designer and developer of premium solar attic ventilation solutions, starting with the best-built, feature-packed and lower-priced solar attic fan. Precaution measures in the first place! Before inspecting or doing anything with your fan, it would be a smart thing to detach it from the power electricity. They come highly recommended by the best Saint Petersburg roofing contractors because they are Florida windstorm-approved and carry a residential lifetime warranty—protection no other solar Like many solar-powered components, a solar roof fan collects energy without generating excessive noise pollution. There are several types of attic fans. HushMount™ technology eliminates the noise by QuietCool Solar Attic Fans are the most powerful solar attic fans on the market today. Jul 04, 2008 · Q: We've had a whole house fan in our attic for many years and while its noise occasionally bothers me, I think it's working great and saving us money. Your attic, especially in the Houston area, is subjected to the most extreme temperatures throughout the year. Attic Breeze solar attic fans are designed to be quiet, but there are both mechanical and non-mechanical related issues that may effect the fan, resulting in loud noise during operation. Oct 26, 2012 · Exhausting moderate amounts of attic air (as solar fans do) can counteract this, reducing infiltration (my calculations show it to be about right for a vented attic, but either do the calculations or measure the pressures). Last on our solar attic fan reviews is Amtrak Solar’s Powerful 70-Watt Solar Attic Ventilator. The new RM 2400 solar attic. The only sound will come from the rotating fan blades, not electrical components. Solar fans are, overall, more expensive to replace than electric fans. For more information on how solar attic fans work, you can check out this guide. Nov 09, 2020 · Solar Attic Fan Repair . Mar 01, 2011 · A gable attic fan is attached to the attic wall by screws, and if they are loose, the vibration can cause an awful noise. ADD-ON AVAILABLE TO AUTOMATICALLY SWITCH POWER SOURCE AND OPERATE AT NIGHT: Most solar attic vents “claim” to have a 110v inverter to run the fan at night… except YOU have to climb up and MANUALLY switch the fan!Remington Solar’s 110v Hybrid Adapter (SOLD SEPARATELY) Automatically detects low power from your panel, while checking the After hours of researching and using all the models on the market, we find the best remington solar attic fan of [year]. Our solar attic fans are shipped assembled and ready to install. I do not want to add features to my home which will use up more energy, but specifically energy from my utility Dec 27, 2019 · 6 Reasons Solar Systems Make Noise. This fan comes with a quiet 24-volt motor, an industrial grade 20-watt solar panel that’s thermostatically controlled (it turns on when your attic temperature reaches 85 degrees and automatically shuts off at 65 degrees). Solar-powered attic fans are designed to correct this situation. Solar Attic Fan 36-watt with 25-year Warranty – Florida Rated by Natural Light. Apr 14, 2021 · Since Solar Powered Attic Fan’s draw their power from the sun vs a standard powered attic fan that uses 4-5 amps of power, solar will exhaust hot air for free using the sun’s rays! Ultimately a Solar Powered Attic fan can lower your electric bill significantly and take the life off your AC unit. Besides being energy-efficient, the new “Anywhere Fan” is very quiet and can run on different power sources, as needed: solar panels, rechargeable batteries or Solar Powered Attic Fan. Our line of solar attic fans utilize solar power to keep your home & attic cool, ventilated, and safe throughout the day and include an AC/DC inverter, so your fan can continue running during nighttime hours or when the sun is not out. Installing an Intellibreeze solar attic fan will provide you with real energy savings. #4 Noise Is Not an Issue. A UCF researcher has invented a portable, solar-powered fan that requires less power than existing personal and ventilation fans and generates about 30 percent more airflow. 7. Moreover, it’s quick to install. How Do Attic Fan Work? Powered attic ventilators or attic fans, just as they sound, are designed explicitly for placing or installing in the attics. 30-Watt Solar Attic Fan (Black) with Thermostat / Humidistat (22 x 22 x 11 IN) - Brushless Motor – Hail and Weather Resistant Solar Vent Fan – Solar Powered Attic Fan for Homes Natural Light's Solar Attic Fan is better by design, incorporating the best features, the best materials and the best construction. Operating Noise. Stainless Steel Screen: Keeps animals out while allowing maximum air flow. It is designed to make your home more energy efficient while also making you more comfortable. Jun 26, 2010 · My attic fan started squeaking this morning. 7 Steps to Eliminate attic fan Humming Noise. The addition of the solar attic fan not only reduces attic heat and moisture, but it also boosts the performance of passive vents already installed. is simply the most powerful. It does not make contact with the ground when it is operating and produces no noise. Quiet . They work well in controlling attic moisture and humidity. So the fan does not rotate when the motor starts. fan with its 35-watt solar panel. Oct 26, 2020 · Another important feature of our solar attic fans in the embedded solar panels, which makes the fan weatherproof in most severe conditions, even 1″ hail. The solar attic fan unit costs cheaper than an air conditioning unit. You need to secure the screws in place more tightly by rotating the screwdriver clockwise. They turn DC power into AC power. way to remove the hot air. But apart from that, the fan is easy to install, it has a high CFM rating, it can be used in various places, and it has long warranty coverage. Prolong the life of the fan, there's no need for it to run when the attic area isn't overheated. Re: Solar attic fan - worth it? HI, I'm shopping for a solar attic fan to replace a powered one that is too noisy. Natural Light is one of the best companies in the market for solar attic fans. True to its name, QuietCool’s Solar Attic Fan is one of the quietest and most highly energy efficient fans you can find. - Fan turns on when attic reaches 80˚F or 75% humidity and turns off at 77˚F or less and 65% humidity • Available remote Attic Monitor for viewing fan operation and attic conditions from nearly anywhere in the house • 25-watt solar panel powers a robust 38-volt DC motor without the need for electricity Oct 21, 2021 · Solar fans are powered by sunlight and are therefore great for eco-conscious consumers. Remington Solar Attic Fan, Solar 25 Watt Solar-Powered, Grey, Roof Mounted with Bonus Thermostat. The Amtrak 50W comes with high wattage and is made up of a powerful fan motor that guarantees high and efficient cooling. Remington solar attic fans are specially equipped for noise dampening. Rest assured that the ducting on the fan is well-insulated to absorb the noise that traditional fans create. It offers a number of benefits that make it worth every penny. – 14 inch noise-free fan. On hot summer days my powered fan runs well into the evening, sometimes till midnight till the attic cools enough for the thermostat to turn it off (I have it set at about 125 degrees f). Noise in twisted pairs tends to cancel itself out at each twist. In addition, it is ideal for attic ventilation, one of the tremendous advantages not to be overlooked. It’s so easy to mount on various styles of roofs, including fibreglass, shingle or asphalt. Although it comes at a more than reasonable price, it doesn’t sacrifice durability or safety in use. Solar Powered Attic Fan. If you’re concerned about the cost of ventilating your attic, a solar attic fan is the perfect solution. Check Best Price. Of course, you can always install by yourself. For anyone who might have a workable space in the attic, this is going to be important. I stuck my finger up and twirled the blade and it caught and started to work fine. Nov 17, 2020 · Amtrak Solar Powerful 100 Watt with Two12" Solar Attic Fans to Exhaust Roof Quietly Cools and Ventilate Your House. Solar is one of the most energy-efficient options on the market especially for those who need their fan running constantly. Broan 345SOWW Surface Mount Solar Powered Attic Ventilator, 28-Watt, Weathered Wood. The Solar Attic Fan 36-watt by Natural Light is an amazing fan that provides proper attic ventilation. The fan blades spin, but they don't lower the attic temperature at all. It would start up and then stop less than a minute later. The Solaro Aire™ is the world’s most advanced, fully integrated, high-efficiency Solar Powered Attic fan. This way, homeowners won’t have any noise issues. However, many experts claim that they do not run at the best time of day to make them effective since they only work when the sun is shining. If this does not stop the noise, then slide a washer over the screw so it will be positioned between the screw and the fan. Attic temperatures can reach a scorching 160˚F during the peak of the summer season. Cost Benefits The Solar Attic Fans are the ideal solution for ventilating your home. You won’t need to connect your attic fan to an electrical outlet, and it requires little to no maintenance. The Master Flow solar attic fan is one of many in a line of GAF’s innovative Master Flow ventilation products. The panels are covered with tempered glass with stainless steel fasteners and steel brackets for added protection and stability. T his fan meets a goal that I have. With the only requirement being a sunny roof location, the attractive solar-powered system replaces energy consuming, noisy electrical vents with quiet, solar-powered technology. Jun 21, 2021 · If a fan is quiet, then the manufacturer will clearly say that in the product description, so if you don’t find it, don’t go for it. A solar attic fan, or solar Power Attic Ventilator (PAV), is a self-contained ventilating unit that simply and reliably moves fresh air in and hot or moist air up and out of your attic space, using free energy from the sun. I couldn't see any. Inverters are about the size of a briefcase and attach to the side of the house. The ventilators consist of a 19. Check out our ranking below! RANKING No. ASIN: B003N7MH8U. It is made up of a full 50W galvanized steel cover. This usually causes discomfort and high utility bills. The DC motor is powered by the included solar panel. Also the Solar fan’s motor is whisper quiet, so you will never hear any noise from it, you can say goodbye to any distracting vibration or humming, it’s now a thing from the past. Jan 27, 2020 · 9. The VentSure™ Solar Attic Exhaust Fan helps keep your house properly ventilated using solar power or electricity, making your home comfortable while helping protect your roof. After I crawled over to the fan I noticed that it was running; however, the fan blade was not rotating. Was gone for about an hour. Nov 03, 2021 · A solar attic fan is also easy to install since there are no wires required. Another feature that reduces noise is the HushMount™ technology that is incorporated into the fan system. Went to HD and Lowes, picked up a new thermostat and fan motor. My wife noticed a thumping noise when the fan is running. Cools the attic and controls humidity. The fans are designed to provided between 600 and 800 cfm of attic ventilation at peak solar irradiance (1000 W/m 2 ) depending on the free soffit ventilation area. The Solaro Aire™ extracts the heat from your attic, keeping the temperature and your AC Our attic fan makes a lot of noise that can be heard in the house, especially in the room just below it. Most solar attic fans are quiet since they don’t have a lot of moving parts. This solar attic fan is the top-rated, highest quality attic fan. Model# SF40-BLK (1) $ 389 00. It comes with a hybrid AC adapter that’ll ensure that the fan runs all day without any issue. That is when I came across a solar powered attic ventilation fan. Our Tilt Panel Solar Fan comes in only a 20 or 30 watt model and based on installation, the panel can be tilted towards the sun for maximum efficiency. The most common problems arise from charge controllers and many inverters (particularly modified sine wave inverters). What’s more, some great models come with built-in panels which make it so easy to install. A solar attic ventilation fan can lower your utility bills by a lot if you have enough sunlight to power your fan. Solar Attic Fan 24-watt – Black – with 25-Year Warranty – Florida Rated. Nov 13, 2021 · Amtrak Solar Powerful 50-Watt Galvanized Steel New Upgraded 14″ Fan Housing, Solar Attic Fan Quietly Cools, Ventilates Exhaust Your House, Garage Or RV And Protects Against Moisture Build-Up (high-torque motor) the fan motor adopts sealed ball bearings and thermal protection, with fully balanced high-efficiency fan blades, low noise and long Sep 14, 2018 · In addition, some regular attic fans can get quite noisy as well, which can disrupt your relaxing sleep, especially at night. By harnessing the power of the sun, Solar Star Attic Fans cost nothing to operate and are virtually maintenance-free. The Solar Dynamic Attic Fans Curb Mount Solar Powered Attic ventilator unit is designed to discharge hot attic air. Our RM 1500 attic fan is compact and yields 16 watts of power. For This iLiving solar attic fan boasts a cooling capacity of 2500 square feet, and the fan has 7 different blades which will reduce noise and maximize airflow. This pressure balance improvement (and the cooling provided by the air flow) are most significant in the case of a leaky This item: Solar Attic Fan, 60W Solar Panel and New Upgraded 14" Fan Kit, Solar Powered Fan for Chicken Coop, Greenhouse, Shed, Attic Gable- DELIVERY IN 2 PACKAGES $189. So if you would like a healthier, cooler, and dryer home, consider the benefits of solar attic ventilation. 8. Snarling noise in the Attic. In most cases, the noise of attic fans doesn’t affect you as they are far away from the living areas, and there are layers of insulation and a ceiling between. solar attic fan noise

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